What Rewards Can You Give?

Typical rewards given in conjunction with employee recognition are:

Recognition on a shoestring budget. Even if your small business can't afford to go all out due to budget constraints, recognition is one case where the thought does count. If you can't afford something expensive, consider a nice card and a gift certificate to a restaurant. Or, consider taking the employee to lunch or just having an informal "thank you" party with punch and cookies for the employee or group of employees you want to reward.

Here are some other more inexpensive forms of recognition suggested by Rosalind Jeffries and Kathryn Wall, in "Recognition Secrets: A Succinct System for Organizational Success," Best of America HR Conference " Expo, Tampa, Florida, February 11, 1991:


Practice Tips

Many word processing programs have built in templates that can help you create an award certificate from your printer in a matter of minutes. For example, Microsoft Word has several different styles of award certificates. All you have to do is fill in the information.

Don't give awards out every day or else they will lose their meaning. Be especially careful not to give them to everyone, but only to those people whose work really stands out. Giving out awards just to give them out is a de-motivator. Use them sparingly and when deserved.