Washington Minimum Wage Law

Employees who are 18 years of age and older must be paid at least $6.72 per hour in Washington for 2001 and at least $6.90 per hour for 2002. This rate is scheduled to increase via inflation adjustments annually.

Washington's minimum wage law applies to all employees, except individuals employed: (1) As hand harvest laborers who are paid on a piece-rate basis in an operation that customarily pays on a piece-rate basis in the region of employment, who commute daily from their homes and who have been employed in agriculture less than 13 weeks during the preceding calendar year; (2) In casual labor in or about a private home doing work not performed in the course of an employer's trade, business or profession; (3) In a bona fide executive, administrative, or professional capacity or as an outside salesperson; (4) By a governmental agency; (5) In activities of educational, charitable, religious or nonprofit organizations where no employer-employee relationship exists; (6) As newspaper carriers or vendors; (7) By any carrier subject to regulation by the Interstate Commerce Act; (8) In forest protection or fire prevention activities; (9) By a charitable institution charged with child care responsibilities or providing recreational opportunities for young people or members of the armed forces of the United States; (10) In duties requiring that the employee reside or sleep at the place of employment, or otherwise spend a substantial portion of work time subject to call, while not engaged in the performance of active duties; (11) While a resident, inmate or patient of a state, county or municipal correctional, detention, treatment or rehabilitative institution; (12) While holding a public elective or appointive office of the state, any county, city, town, municipal corporation or quasimunicipal corporation, political subdivision or any instrumentality thereof, or as an employee of the state legislature; (13) As vessel-operating crews of the Washington state ferries operated by the state highway commission; or (14) As a "seaman" on a foreign vessel.