Vanishing premium policy
Cash Value Policies: "Vanishing" Premium Policy
Description Premiums Cash Value Advantages Disadvantages Uses
Any of various types of cash value policies where premiums are overpaid in early years so that cash quickly accumulates and income thereon will be sufficient to pay premiums Fixed for traditional policies or "target" for variable policies Depends on type of policy employed, but cash value builds up quicker than "non-vanish" policies If policy performance is (and continues to be) as illustrated, owner will not have to pay premiums beyond the date illustrated If policy investment performance is poor, premiums may never "vanish," or may reappear after vanishing; If premiums are not then paid, policy could lapse For buyers who want the out-of-pocket payment of premiums not to extend beyond a given date; Limited pay policies may be better choice if buyer counts on premiums to "vanish"