Business Products Express

Your Privacy Is Important To Us

At Business Products Express, we want you to feel free to explore our web site and inquire about franchises without any concern about your privacy.

Requesting Franchise Information 

The Business Products Express site contains forms for you to request more information on our franchise. Since you are leaving personal information, no information is shared or distributed.

We Do Not...
bulletWe Do Not: Share, sell or distribute ANY information with other companies, organizations or individuals.
bulletWe Do Not: Use or collect information from "cookies," which are electronic files that often contain information about Internet users' demographics and browsing habits. 
bulletWe Do Not: Send or share your information with any other franchise companies.

Is Privacy Like This A Common Practice?

No. In fact, many of our competitors sell your information when asking about a franchise. Have you ever filled out a form on the Internet, subscribed to a magazine, ordered items from a catalog, or used a credit card and suddenly you are receiving mail, phone calls and other solicitations from companies you've never dealt with before? Selling information is a common practice of most companies, even our competitors. We are one of the few who choose not to, out of respect to you.

Investing in a franchise is a major personal and financial decision. We want you to obtain the information you need without being concerned about your privacy.

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