Post Office Box

Some of the delay in the postal service is the result of having your mail delivered directly to your place of business. This type of delivery entails some extra sorting so that your mail gets into the hands of the correct mail carrier, not to mention the added time it takes the carrier to actually deliver it to your address. Using a post office box is one way to accelerate the payment and deposit portion of the cash conversion period. It can reduce this delay by one to three days.

Your business can rent a post office box, to receive its mail at the post office instead of having it delivered your business address. In a sense, you become your own mail carrier since you're in charge of picking up your mail at the post office box. The post office issues a key to you for opening the box and it also protects the contents of your post office box. Depending on the size of the post office box you rent, the annual rental charges range from $40 to $450.