Packaging to Reflect Buyer's Values

A precise definition of your target buyer is key to designing a package that reflects your buyers' values and will attract buyers to it on the shelf, or wherever else your products or services are available. Knowledge of the target buyer's lifestyle as reflected in the buyer's activities, opinions, interests, and demographics can be manifested in the package names, label design, package copy, and other key communication points.

For example, an energy snack bar could target buyers with the following profile information:

  • Demographics: middle to upscale income ($20,000 $50,000)
    • are high-school educated consumers
    • are age 18-49
    • are located primarily in western states
    • are mostly married with one or two children
    • live in smaller cities near outdoor recreation areas
  • Activities: seek non-traditional work environments (e.g., no coats or ties at work)
    • are outdoor sports enthusiasts
    • shop in natural health food and outdoor equipment stores
    • maintain active life styles every week (e.g., bike to work)
  • Interests: family-oriented
    • are not fashion-conscious
    • are interested in outdoor gear, clothing, and equipment
    • try to eat a healthy, nutritionally sound diet
    • read and listen to music
    • view little TV
  • Opinions: are politically liberal, without party affiliations
    • believe in minimizing government regulations
    • believe in preserving the environment
    • believe in recycling
    • believe in creating a better environment for their children

Package name and communications points. The name of the energy bar would attempt to relate to this carefully defined target buyer, perhaps with a derived reference to the environment or natural foods:


Colors of the package may reflect the natural colors of the outdoors in various seasons:

  • yellow, orange, and green for spring and summer
  • brown, gold, and orange for fall
  • white and silver for winter

Product features communicated on the package may include:

  • 100 percent all-natural (ingredients)
  • no preservatives or additives
  • biodegradable wrapper

Product benefits communicated on the package may include:

  • safe energy for the whole family!
  • environmentally compatible!
  • no stomach upset!

If the manufacturer were interested in using a celebrity on the package and in promotions, choices would be restricted to non-Hollywood types who reflected the target buyer's values, e.g.,

  • John Muir (famous outdoor naturalist deceased)
  • Euell Gibbons (famous outdoor wild food expert deceased)
  • Ed Viesturs (famous mountain climber who does not use supplemental oxygen)