Nebraska Minimum Wage Law

The general minimum wage rate is $5.15 per hour in Nebraska.

Nebraska's minimum wage law covers all employers employing four or more employees at any one time, except for seasonal employment of not more than 20 weeks in any calendar year, and those employed in: (a) agriculture; (b) as a babysitter in a private home; (c) executive, administrative, professional and supervisory employees; (d) public employment, federal, state or the state's political subdivisions; (e) the activities of an educational, charitable, religious or nonprofit organization where employer/employee relationship does not exist or where services are rendered on a voluntary basis; (f) apprentices and learners; (g) veterans in training under supervision of the Veterans Administration; (h) children in the employ of their parents and vice versa; and (i) any person who directly or indirectly receives any form of federal, state, or local aid or welfare, and who has a physical or mental disability.