Military Duty Leave for Employees in Iowa

Private employers in Iowa are required to grant leave to employees who are members of the national guard or organized service when they are called up for military service without reducing their rights to employment benefits. There is no requirement, however, that salaries be paid during the leave.

The period of absence for military leave is considered a leave of absence and there is no limitation on the length of the leave. Military leave may in no way affect the individual's right to vacation, sick leave, bonus or other employment benefits.

National guard. A member of the national guard or the organized reserves of the U.S. who is ordered to temporary active duty for purposes of training or for active state service is entitled to a leave of absence during the period of active duty or service from the member's civilian employment, other than temporary employment.

Reinstatement. Upon completion of the duty or service, the employer must restore the person to the position held prior to the leave of absence, or a similar position. The returning employee must give evidence of satisfactory completion of the training or duty and that he or she is still qualified to perform the duties of the job.

Discrimination. Discrimination against any officer or enlisted person because that person is a member of the national guard or the organized reserves of the U.S. armed forces is strictly prohibited in Iowa. No one may be discharged from employment or hindered or prevented from performing the military service that person has been called upon to perform.