Military Duty Leave for Employees in Colorado

Training. To be eligible, qualified members of the Colorado National Guard or the U.S. reserve forces in nontemporary positions must not leave the position for training for more than 15 days each year.

The period of absence for military training is construed as absence with leave without pay. An employee's absence for military training will not affect his right to normal vacation, sick leave, bonus, advancement, and other advantages of employment.

Reinstatement. Qualified members of the Colorado National Guard or the U.S. reserve forces who leave nontemporary positions for no more than 15 days each year for military training must be restored to their previous positions or similar positions with the same status, pay and seniority, provided they are still qualified to perform the duties of the positions and demonstrate satisfactory completion of training.

Active service.--A private employee who is a duly qualified member of the Colorado national guard who leaves or who is absent from his or her employment, regardless of the length of such absence, in order to engage in active service for state purposes:

(1) is entitled to the reemployment rights for members described above, as long as the member otherwise meets the requirements of that provision, and

(2) retains his or her right to the employee benefits described above.