Meal and Break Rules in Virginia

In Virginia, employees must be allowed to take at least one consecutive 24-hour day of rest each week, except in an emergency. This day of rest is in addition to any regular periods of rest allowed or required during the workday.

A non-managerial employee can choose Saturday (if the employee refrains from secular business and labor on that day) or Sunday as the Sabbath or day of rest. Upon the employee's filing of a written notice with the employer naming Saturday or Sunday as the day of rest, the employer cannot discharge, discipline or penalize the employee for exercising the right to Saturday or Sunday as a day of rest. This provision cannot be waived on an employment application.

The day of rest provisions do not apply to the following industries: transportation; public services and utilities, manufacturing, processing and plant operation of all types; publishing, including distribution and sales; servicing, fueling and repair of motor vehicles, boats and aircraft, and the selling of related parts and supplies; operation of motion picture theatres and the production of radio and television programs; medical services; and other services on an emergency basis; sports, athletic events and the operation of historic, entertainment and recreational facilities, and the sale or rental of boats, and swimming, fishing and boating equipment; agriculture, including the operation of nurseries and florist establishments; preparation and sale of prescription and nonprescription drugs and the sale of medical and hygienic supplies and baby supplies; wholesale food warehouses and ship chandleries; restaurants and delicatessens; janitorial, custodial and similar services; operation of hotels and motels and funeral homes and cemeteries; mining and supporting facilities; sale of tobacco and related products; a drugstore, if a majority of the sales receipts consist of prescription and nonprescription drugs, health and beauty aids; sale of novelties, cameras, photographic supplies (including film and flash bulbs), antiques, pictures, paintings, art supplies, souvenirs, animals as pets, including tropical fish, and pet supplies; and sale or leasing of noncommercial real property and mobile homes, and the sale of residential modular, panelized or other prefabricated houses, notwithstanding that such houses are not then erected or constructed on a site.

Minors. Minors may not be employed or permitted to work for more than five hours continuously without an interval of at least 30 minutes for a lunch period, and no period of less than 30 minutes is deemed to interrupt a continuous period of work.