Meal and Break Rules in Utah

Minors. Employers must allow the opportunity for a meal period of not less than 30 minutes and not later than five hours after the beginning of a minor employee's workday. If, during the meal period, the employee cannot be completely relieved of all duties and permitted to leave the workstation or area, the meal period must be paid as time worked.

At least a 10-minute paid rest period for each four hours, or fraction thereof, must be provided for each minor employee; however, no minor employee may be required to work over three consecutive hours without a 10-minute rest period.

In those unusual situations where a meal or rest period cannot be provided, the Labor Commission will decide whether the general intent of the rules has been met to ensure attainment of reasonable safeguards for a minor's health, safety, and education.

Nursing mothers. In Utah, counties may not prohibit a woman's breast feeding in any location where she otherwise may rightfully be.