Meal and Break Rules in Maryland

Minors. A minor may not be employed for more than five consecutive hours without a nonworking period of at least one-half hour.

Retail workers. Retail workers can choose as a day of rest either Sunday or the Sabbath of the employee. Such workers must provide written notice to the employer of such day of rest. Prior to changing any day of rest, the employee must give written notice to the employer at least 30 days before the effective date. Retail employers are prohibited from discharging, disciplining, discriminating against, or penalizing an employee who chooses a day of rest. Employers cannot require an applicant for employment of 25 hours or more to answer any question that would identify the day of rest the applicant would choose.

The day of rest law for retail workers does not apply to managerial or professional employees. Outside of Wicomico County, this provision also does not apply to part-time employees. Provisions allowing for employees to designate a day of rest do not affect any right granted under a collective bargaining agreement, nor do they apply during an emergency declared by a governmental authority