Matching Skills to Businesses

Presumably, at this point, you've already identified some need in the market that's not being met. If so, you're ready to match your skills with those unmet needs. If not, you may want to review our discussion of the right small business for you.

You should begin by listing what you enjoy doing, what your hobbies are, which skills you've acquired, what your work experiences have been, and what your goals are for the business.

Business Tools

In the Business Tools area is a business selection checklist that will help you match your skills and experiences to business ideas you've developed. It should help you make a choice or at least narrow your choices.

Although making such a list might seem at first to be a little simplistic, you'll be surprised how much being forced to write down your ideas will help you crystallize what it is you want from a small business.

Compare the list you've just made with your list of what the market wants. Do any obvious matches leap out at you? If not, don't give up.

Here are some more tips and suggestions for choosing a new business:


Suppose you love photography. If you open a store that sells photographic equipment, you'll have to rent office space, purchase inventory for the store, and probably extend credit to customers. That'll cost you a lot up front, and you won't see any money coming in until your customers pay you.

If, on the other hand, you hire yourself out as a photographer, you can probably operate from home, and you should get paid at the time of the shoot.