Maryland Minimum Wage Law

The minimum wage rate in Maryland is $5.15 per hour.

The minimum wage rate applies to all employees in Maryland with the following exceptions: (1) certain persons employed in agricultural labor; (2) a physically or mentally handicapped trainee; (3) someone working in an executive, administrative or professional capacity; (4) volunteers for nonprofit organizations; (5) persons who work for not more than 20 hours in any week and who are under 16; (6) outside salespersons paid on a commission basis; (7) persons who are 62 years or older and work less than 25 hours per week; (8) persons employed in the first processing, canning, packaging or freezing of perishable fruits, vegetables, horticultural commodities; poultry or seafood; (9) persons employed by an immediate family member; (10) persons employed in motion picture theaters; (11) persons employed in restaurants, cafes, taverns, drive-ins; drugstores, or other establishments that sell food and drink on the premises and that have an annual gross income of $250,000 or less; and (12) resident or day camp personnel in organized camps in Maryland.