Kentucky Minimum Wage Law

The minimum wage in Kentucky is $5.15 per hour.

Kentucky's minimum wage law covers all employees except: (1) those employed in agriculture; (2) executive, supervisory and professional personnel, outside salespersons and collectors; (3) federal employees; (4) those employed in domestic service (except where more than one such worker is employed in a single household); (5) employees of retail stores, service industries, hotels, motels and restaurants whose employer grossed less than $95,000 a year, or who are a parent, spouse or child of such an employer; (6) babysitters and companions in private homes; (7) newspaper deliverers; (8) emergency employees subject to regulation by the Commissioner of Revenue; (9) employees of nonprofit camps and conference centers that do not operate more than seven months per year; and (10) houseparents in licensed nonprofit child care facilities.