Indiana Minimum Wage Law

The minimum wage rate in Indiana is $5.15 per hour.

All employers with two or more employees during any workweek, including the state of Indiana and its political subdivisions, are covered by the state minimum wage laws. Excluded are those employers subject to the provisions of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. Further, the term employees does not include: (1) individuals under 16 years of age; (2) independent contractors; (3) persons performing services not in the course of the employing unit's trade; (4) employees paid on a commission basis; (5) persons employed by parents or vice versa; (6) members of any religious order rendering service to such order or any priest, rabbi, minister or the like; (7) student nurses; (8) medical interns or residents; (9) student embalmers and students performing work for any school that they regularly attend; (10) "handicapped" persons employed by nonprofit organizations; (11) insurance agents paid on commission basis; (12) persons performing services for any camping or recreational facilities operated by nonprofit organizations; (13) agricultural workers; (14) persons employed in an executive, administrative or professional capacity, or as outside salespersons; (15) persons employed for not more than four weeks in any year; (16) any employee with whom the Interstate Commerce Commission has power to establish working conditions pursuant to the Motor Carrier Act of 1935; (17) employees subject to the Public Service Commission of Indiana; and (18) motion picture employees.