Illinois Minimum Wage Law

The minimum wage rate in Illinois is $5.15 per hour.

Exempted from coverage under Illinois minimum wage law are (1) employers with fewer than four full-time employees, (2) many agricultural laborers, (3) domestic workers, (4) outside salespersons, (5) members of religious corporations or organizations, (6) students employed at an accredited college or university by the institution and covered by the federal wage law and (7) camp counselors who reside on the premises of a nonprofit organization if the counselor works 40 hours per week or more and receives a total weekly salary of not less than the adult minimum wage for a 40-hour week (counselors working less than a 40-hour week must be paid the minimum wage for each hour worked). Up to 25 percent of a counselor's total salary may be considered room and board.

Camp counselors employed at day camps sponsored by nonprofit organizations are not subject to the state adult minimum wage if paid a stipend on a one-time or periodic basis and, if the individual is a minor, the minor's parent or guardian has consented in writing to the terms of payment before the employment commenced.