Home Office Deduction Calculator

The following two-part calculator will help you estimate the amount of your home office deduction. It is not intended as a substitute for the assistance of a tax professional. However, it will assist you in organizing the information that relates to your home office deduction, and in understanding the associated tax concepts. This should reduce the amount of time and work that a tax professional must expend, and might even reduce the bill you receive for these services.

If you have any question regarding a particular expense, click on that item for an explanation. Remember that taxes are computed on an annual basis and that amounts entered relate to this tax year, unless otherwise stated.

Every question on this page must be answered. Don't use dollar signs or commas in the amounts you enter.

Note that the form has many responses filled in with a "0." DON'T delete any of these UNLESS you replace it with a number. Completely blank answer boxes will cause your browser to generate an error message.

Part 1
1. Do you rent or own your home?
Rent Own

2. When did you first convert a portion of your home to exclusive business use? [If you don't remember the exact day, just enter the month and year and leave the "1" in the day box.]

3. You must answer part A or part B of the following question. If you answer both, we will use whichever data provides the larger home office deduction.
A. How many rooms are there in your home, and how many of them do you use exclusively for business purposes?
Rooms in home Rooms used for business
B. What is the size of your home in square feet, and how many square feet are used exclusively for business purposes?
Area of home Area used for business

4. What is your gross business income?

5. What is the amount of business expenses that aren't related to your home (the amount reported on Form 1040 Schedule C)?