Government Financing Programs

For many small businesses, government assistance can make the difference in getting the money they vitally need to start, continue, or expand operations.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a federal agency that offers a number of financing and operations assistance programs to small businesses. The programs include loan guarantees, training and educational programs, advisory services, publications, financial programs, and contract assistance. In fiscal year 2000/2001, nearly $12 billion in long-term credit and other financial assistance was provided to more than 48,000 small businesses through SBA's network of participating banks, non-bank lenders, certified development companies, and SBA-licensed companies.

State and local governments also offer an array of financing assistance.

This section addresses your opportunities to get government funding:


Save Time

The SBA has offices located throughout the country. For the one nearest you, consult the telephone directory under "U.S. Government," or call the Small Business Answer Desk at 1-800-8ASK-SBA or online at