General Industry Standards

The general industry standards apply not only to manufacturing, wholesale, and retail establishments, but to any employment in any industry including construction, maritime, and agriculture to the extent that particular standards for these other industries do not apply.


Although maritime standards covered most of the operations of a shipbuilding and dry-dock firm, a violation of a general industry standard was found in a noncomplying scaffold used by workers painting a sign on a machine shop. The work happened to be in a shipyard, but the circumstances might have existed anywhere that a sign was being painted on a building.

Particular industry standards take priority over general standards if they address identical hazards. For example, the construction standards apply to every employment and place of employment of every employee engaged in construction work. Construction work is defined as work for construction, alteration, or repair, including painting and decorating. Construction industry employers remain subject to the general industry standards where no construction standard applies.

Standards common to all workplaces. Some standards impose similar requirements on all industry sectors. Two areas subject to this type of standard are: