Employee Voting Leave in Kansas

Any person entitled to vote at a county election in Kansas may be absent from work to vote on election day. An employee who takes time off work to vote may not be penalized for the time taken.

Paid time off rules. No deductions may be made from an employee's usual salary or wages because the employee takes time off to vote.

Amount of time off allowed. An employee may take off up to two consecutive hours between the time the polls open and when they close to vote. If, however, the polls are open before or after work, but for less than two consecutive hours, the employee may only take off an amount of work that, when added to the time the polls are open before or after work, will not exceed two hours. The employer may specify the time of day when employees may take time off to vote, but the specified time may not include any time during the employees' regular lunch period.

Employer Penalty for Violation. Fine up to $2,500 and/or jail up to 1 year.