Directory of OSHA-Approved Sources

Various types of consultation services are offered by OSHA and NIOSH to help employers voluntarily comply with OSHA standards and set up effective safety and health programs.

A state consultation agency in each state is part of the national consultation program funded by OSHA. In some states, the consultation service is an independent agency. In others, it is a separate part of the agency that administers the state occupational safety and health plan.

Services carried out by these agencies include on-site consultation visits, as well as training of supervisors and employees and other assistance in developing safety and health programs. In addition to the OSHA/State consultation programs, NIOSH will make a "Health Hazard Evaluation" at the request of an employer or employees. An HHE involves workplace visits by experts to determine whether questioned working conditions are safe and healthy.

Click on your state on the map below for the address and telephone number of an OSHA-approved consultation source.