Connecticut Minimum Wage Law

The current minimum wage in Connecticut is $6.40 per hour. The minimum wage in Connecticut will be $6.70 as of January 1, 2002.

All employees are covered by the state minimum wage and overtime laws, except those employed: (1) in camps or resorts that are open not more than six months a year; (2) as babysitters; (3) in a bona fide executive, administrative or professional capacity; (4) by the federal government; (5) as an outside salesperson; (6) in activities of an educational, charitable, religious, scientific, historical, literary or nonprofit organization where an employer-employee relationship does not exist or where services are rendered on a voluntary basis; (7) by a nonprofit theater that does not operate for less than seven months in any year; (8) domestics, except those in domestic service employment as defined in the federal Fair Labor Standards Act regulations; and (9) as head residents or assistants at a college or university.

Wage orders are in existence for the following industries: beauty, cleaning and dyeing, laundry, mercantile trade, restaurant and hotel restaurant.