Conducting Criminal Record Checks in New Hampshire

Prospective employees with school administrative units, school districts, or charter schools are subject to a state and national criminal records check. A prospective employee will not be eligible for employment if found to be convicted of (1) murder; (2) child pornography; (3) aggravated felonious sexual assault; (4) felonious sexual assault; or (5) kidnapping. The criminal background check requirement also applies to private businesses and agencies that contract with school administrative units, school districts or charter schools to provide services where the contractor or employees of the contractor would have direct contact with student (i.e. cafeteria workers, school bus drivers, or custodial personnel).

Child day care providers who are required to be licensed must submit to the Department of Health and Human Services, within 30 days of their arrival, the names, birth names, birth dates and addresses of staff, household members, and others who will have regular contact with the children.