Conducting Criminal Record Checks in Arizona

Criminal records checks are required for persons employed in the following agencies and programs: (1) juvenile offender programs; (2) children's behavioral health programs; (3) developmental disability contract providers and home- and community-based service providers; (4) child care facility license applicants, employees and volunteers; (5) child care group home certificate applicants, employees and volunteers; (6) shelters for victims of domestic violence; (7) residential and nursing care institutions and home health agencies; and (8) school district certificated personnel, noncertificated personnel and people who are not paid district employees, information technology personnel.

Fingerprinting is required for criminal background checks as a condition of employment in the following: juvenile delinquent probation officers; noncertificated personnel initially hired by any school district; school officers and employees of the state school for the deaf and blind; children's behavioral health services employees; child care personnel; day care group home personnel; state-employed juvenile correction facility employees; corrections officer and employees; social service officers and employees; and child care good program employees.