"Your company has consistently met and exceeded all of our expectations"

Mary Hubbard,           Refractec

Business Products Express offers businesses throughout the United States over 250,000 office products ranging from simple office supplies, to state of the art computer room technical furniture!  We also offer Office furniture ranging from the simple desk and chair to complete office cubicles!  

Order from our 250,000 item catalog here!

Office Supplies

Follow the above link to browse our 250,000 item catalog.  You will be directed to our "Guest area" if you would like to be set up with full access rights, please call us. Our online ordering system allows your company to set up departments, budgets, shopping lists, etc...  it is even smart enough to remember your top 50 items and puts them in a simple drop down list for easy re-orders!  

Call today to get your company set up on our website!  If you would like to browse the site, feel free to follow the "guest user" link, just realize that your pricing will not be reflected on the site and much of it's functionality will not be operating.

Computers and Supplies

Whether you are looking for a Inkjet Cartridge or need an entire network, we can supply you with all your IT needs!  
Office Furniture

Whether you are looking for a single chair or a complete office we can handle all your furniture needs.  We feature such brands as HON, LaZBoy, Global, United Chair and many more!

Audio-Visual Products

Whether you need to rent or purchase professional audio-visual products, Business Products Express is equipped to handle your every need!  

Janitorial and Sanitation Products

With a backbone of nearly 10,000 Janitorial/Sanitation products we can help you find what you are looking for!  Additionally, since we allow you to buy most items by the each rather than forcing you to buy in bulk you will not be forced to inventory your supplies, instead, we carry inventory for you!