20 organizations

The 20 community development corporations (CDCs) selected by HUD are: 1) New Economics for Women, Los Angeles, CA; 2) Marshall Heights CDC, Washington, DC; 3) Tacolcy Economic Development, Miami, FL; 4) Grasp Enterprises, Inc., Atlanta, GA; 5) Bethel New Life, Inc., Chicago, IL; 6) Urban Edge Housing Corp., Boston, MA; 7) Southeast Development, Inc., Baltimore, MD; 8) New Community Corp., Newark, NJ; 9) Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corp., Brooklyn, NY; 10) Hough Area Partners In Progress, Cleveland, OH; 11) Free the Children, Inc., Memphis, TN; 12) The Southern Dallas Development Corp., Dallas, TX; 13) El Pajaro CDC, Watsonville, CA; 14) Kentucky Highlands CDC, London, KY; 15) Coastal Enterprises, Inc., Wiscasset, ME; 16) Delta Foundation, Greenville, MS; 17) Chautauqua Opportunities, Inc., Mayville, NY; 18) North Cambria Community Development Corp., Barnesboro, PA; 19) National Rural Development " Finance Corp., San Antonio, TX; and 20) Virginia Mountain Housing, Inc., Christiansburg, VA. The first 12 CDCs listed are in urban areas and the remaining 8 are in rural areas.